Available in a host of colours stretch tents can be rigged swiftly and securely in practically any space imaginable and on almost any incline.

No heavy machinery is required and installation crews are significantly smaller than those needed for framed structures.

Both pole height & pole positioning can be varied to suit the demands or constraints of the venue and the resulting shapes and styles are endless.

Tents can be rigged off existing structures, over and around obstacles and can also be joined together in a modular fashion to cover complicated venues or those with split levels.

Pioneered in South Africa in 2001 as an alternative to traditional marquee structures, stretch tents quickly revolutionized the eventing industry in Southern Africa.

Not only did their unique style and dynamic shapes change the way events were planned, their versatility, ease of set up and portability opened up a host of venues and locations never before considered as potential sites for tented events of any kind.

In the ensuing decade research and development led to significant improvements in both the stretch fabric itself and rigging techniques.

Manufacturing processes were refined and honed to the point where not only were the tents proving to be superior in many ways to traditional marquees they proved to be more cost effective as well.


Following their success in Africa stretch tents have spread all over the world including Europe, Asia and Australia. By offering clients and rental companies a product that radically expands the scope and impact of tented events, stretch tents continue to inspire, impress and seduce all who encounter them.