Why choose a Swift Tent?

Transforming events & creating spectacular spaces with stretch tent technology


Swift Tents have no internal frame structure so they are quick and easy to install in virtually any location. Compact and light weight our tents are simple to transport and require no additional machinery to erect. Set up times are considerably reduced and crew requirement smaller than traditional tents.


Not only are Swift Tents available in an array of seductive colours their dynamic nature allows us to shape the tent itself to work with the landscape. By replacing the rigid constraints of traditional tents with fluid lines and soft curves our tents can transform any venue elegantly and effortlessly.


The variety of setup styles possible with a Swift Tent are endless. By utilizing the stretch capabilities of our high tech fabric each tent can be sculpted to suit the venue and its poles positioned to suit custom layouts. Our tents are modular and can be linked together to cover complex shapes or sites with multiple levels or difficult gradients.

How can we help?

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